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MLB Trade Rumors: Not Content, Diamondbacks Still Shopping Kelly Johnson, Adam LaRoche

Lest you think that Edwin Jackson, Dan Haren, Chris Snyder, and Chad Qualls were the only players the Diamondbacks were looking to move, you should think again:

Spoke with someone who says #Dbacks would still like to move K. Johnson and/or LaRoche. This, folks, is a housecleaning.

LaRoche is due seven figures the rest of the way and has a $1.5m 2011 buyout, while Johnson is an attractive, movable infielder, so it's easy to see why the Diamondbacks would be looking to swing more trades. One team expressing interest in the latter?

#SFGiants view Kelly Johnson as possible option for infield and outfield. Remember: He has played LF and 2B. #Giants love versatility.

LaRoche has a .776 OPS and is a middling option perhaps better suited for a contending team's bench, so he's a candidate to get moved in August if he isn't moved today. Johnson, meanwhile, has cooled off since a torrid start, but he still has an OPS of .865, plays a passable second base, and has some experience in the outfield. The fact that he's arbitration-eligible next season only makes him more attractive.