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MLB Trade Rumors: Luke Scott Drawing Interest From Dodgers, Rays

We're now less than an hour away from the trade deadline, and we've come across what might be the most interesting item of the day. From FanHouse's Tom Krasovic:

#Dodgers are making a push for Orioles OF Luke Scott. #Rays also in the mix.

Luke Scott hasn't made a lot of noise over the past couple of days, though we knew the Rays were looking at him. The news that the Dodgers are interested makes previous reports of their willingness to deal Manny Ramirez seem even sillier.

The general assumption over the last couple of days is that the Rays would have to land Adam Dunn in order to proportionally answer the Yankees' acquisition of Lance Berkman, but the stats tell us that Luke Scott would certainly be a suitable alternative -- he's mashed 17 home runs for the Orioles this year and maintained an OPS of .908, not far off from Dunn's .926.