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MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Taking Long, Hard Look At Kerry Wood

I think missing out on Cliff Lee might have made the Yankees mad, because now they've gone into ultra mode.

Heard this: The Yankees are closing in on deal for Kerry Wood.
Heard this: The Indians would eat a lot of the money owed to Kerry Wood if the Yankees and Cleveland finish this deal.

Wood is owed nearly $4m on the rest of his 2010 contract, which explains why the Indians would want to shed what salary they can. The long-time setup man missed time with a shoulder strain earlier in the year, but he's come back with the same impressive velocity, the same iffy command, and the same occasional fits of unhittability. Though not always reliable, the Yankee bullpen has been in search of help, and between Wood, Joba Chamberlain, and David Robertson, they'd have three possible setup options with very good stuff. None of them are presently pitching very well, but odds are good that at least one of them would be able to get hot down the stretch.