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MLB Trade Rumors: Giants May Land Brewers' Corey Hart After All

The Brewers' Corey Hart appeared to be off the market earlier Saturday, but in the final minutes before the trade deadline, it appears possible that the Giants may be able to pick him up after all.

Just heard Corey Hart to Giants might be resurrected at the last minute. J. Bautista/Kelly Johnson/S. Downs also in play.

Hart's 22 home runs and .911 OPS could give the Giants the extra push they need to pass the Padres in the N.L. West.

As mentioned in the tweet, the possibility of a three-way trade between the Giants, Blue Jays, and Diamondbacks has also been mentioned. Landing Jose Bautista or Kelly Johnson -- or both -- would more than answer the Padres' recent acquisition of Ryan Ludwick.