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Royals End Up With Tim Collins, Gregor Blanco, Jesse Chavez In Ankiel/Farnsworth Trade

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The Braves did well in addressing two concerns with interesting players on Saturday. Kyle Farnsworth has turned in a very good year out of the Royal bullpen, and will help as relief depth in setting up Billy Wagner. Rick Ankiel and his power bat, meanwhile, should help an outfield that hasn't been what was expected, given Nate McLouth's massive struggles.

The Royals, though, also come out of this looking all right. Neither Ankiel nor Farnsworth were going to return in 2011. Tim Collins, though, could be a dominant reliever of the future. The diminutive 5'7, 155 southpaw has lit up the minors, with 303 strikeouts in 202.2 innings, and was said to be a huge part of the Yunel Escobar trade. Gregor Blanco is a serviceable 26 year old lefty fourth outfielder who can draw a walk and play all three positions. And Jesse Chavez is a nearly-27-year-old righty reliever with a fastball in the mid-90s, a decent slider, and a changeup to keep lefties off balance.

It isn't a huge trade, but this isn't a dump on the Royals' part. They did all right.