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Deadline Day's MLB Trade Rumors: Rays In Pursuit Of Chad Qualls

Well, it's after midnight on both major coasts, which means it's July 31st, or MLB non-waiver traded deadline day. What's the first rumor we have on the table? It's not the most exciting rumor in the world, but, well, take it away, Ken Rosenthal:

#Rays showing serious interest in #Diamondbacks RHR Chad Qualls.

Qualls' name has come up a number of times in recent weeks as an interesting case study as a guy whose 8.29 ERA doesn't match his performance or ability. Arizona wants to shed his salary and he'd be a cheap, easy acquisition for a team willing to overlook the number of runs he's allowed. Enter the Rays, who are apparently in hot pursuit. What's unclear is just how Qualls would fit in with a group that, as a unit, has been arguably the American League's best bullpen all year, but he could always take the place of Lance Cormier, who has walked eight more batters than he's struck out on the season. If the Rays were to get Qualls, and if Qualls were to pitch up to his ability, there would be nary a flaw in the Rays' entire staff.

Qualls has drawn some degree of interest from several clubs in recent days.