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Diamondbacks Trade Chris Snyder To Pirates, Pending League Approval

Earlier Friday, word spread that the Pirates and Diamondbacks were talking about a Chris Snyder trade. Turns out they were doing a little more than speaking casually, because it seems the two have agreed on a deal that will send the Arizona backstop a good ways East:

The D-backs have agreed on a trade late Friday night that would send catcher Chris Snyder to the Pirates pending approval by the Commissioner's office, according to a baseball source.

It's a pretty good and obvious fit. The Diamondbacks, who have been pleased with the development of backstop Miguel Montero, no longer had a real need for Snyder, and wanted to shed his $5.75m 2011 salary. The Pirates have been in need of a real catcher, with Ryan Doumit doing fine at the plate but struggling once again behind it. In this case, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Not that Snyder is trash, or treasure for that matter, but you get what I mean. He makes sense, and the fact that he's historically hit better away from Arizona than at home suggests he may not have too tough of a time adjusting to another, less hitter-friendly ballpark.

Unknown is what else is involved in the deal. The reason the commissioner's office has to approve this deal is because a significant amount of money is changing hands, as the Diamondbacks will pay part of what Snyder is still owed. In return, the Pirates will send over a player or three of unknown identity.

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