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Yankees Land Setup Reliever Kerry Wood For PTBNL Or Cash

That didn't take long. Shortly after rumors started to spread that the Yankees were interested in Kerry Wood, they up and got it done:

Kerry Wood deal from #Indians to #Yankees is completed, awaiting Commissioner's approval on dollars that Indians are sending Yanks

The Indians are doing this as a salary dump, as they'll be able to shed some fraction of the millions of dollars left on Wood's 2010 contact. The Yankees are doing this to add another interesting strikeout arm to an inconsistent bullpen. Wood has come back from shoulder issues earlier this season to show his usual good velocity, and the talent, as always, is there. The command, though, remains iffy, and Wood's never been the most reliable pitcher in the world, so he's more of a gamble than an impact addition. New York will be hoping that just one of Wood, Joba Chamberlain, and David Robertson can get hot and support Mariano Rivera down the stretch.

For the curious, this is Cleveland's return:

#Indians will get player to be named later or cash from #Yankees for Kerry Wood. #trades

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