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At Last Minute, Braves Acquire Rick Ankiel, Kyle Farnsworth From Royals

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CBS' Danny Knobler breaks news of the biggest last-minute MLB trade deadline deal announced so far:

The Braves have acquired outfielder Rick Ankiel and reliever Kyle Farnsworth from the Royals, has learned

Knobler also tweets the second half of the deal:

Jesse Chavez, Gregor Blanco and Tim Collins go to Royals in Ankiel/Farnsworth deal. Collins, acquired in Escobar deal, was the key

Considering that the diminutive Collins was just acquired in Atlanta's shortstop swap with Toronto, and that Blanco and Chavez are no stars-to-be, it's fairly safe to say the Royals must really like Collins.

Apparently, the Braves also received cash in the deal.