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Red Sox Deal For Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Surrender Chris McGuinness, Roman Mendez, Others

In a lower-tier Saturday move, the Red Sox at least in part addressed some of their catching concerns by swinging a trade with the Rangers:

#RedSox give up Chris McGuinness, Roman Mendez, PTBNL, Cash consideration for Salty

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, a once-promising backstop prospect the Rangers got in the Mark Teixeira trade, has been limited by a number of phsical issues this year that have pushed him to AAA. With a batting line of .244/.326/.445, his stock isn't nearly as high as it once was, but the Red Sox have been in the market for some potentially long-term catching help, and Saltalamacchia still has a chance of working out.

Chris McGuiness was the Red Sox' 13th round selection in 2009, and is a 22 year old left-handed first baseman in A-ball. He has shown some power and the ability to control the strike zone. Roman Mendez is a 20 year old right-handed starter, also in A-ball, who possesses a mid-90s fastball and a very promising slider. His future is probably in the bullpen, but with electric stuff, he could end up having a career.

Look for more at Over The Monster and Lone Star Ball. This isn't a present-day trade, but it could end up having implications down the road.