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In Late Move, Giants Add Reliever Ramon Ramirez From Red Sox

The deadline may be more than 90 minutes past, but that doesn't mean news can't spread of another late deal - the Giants have traded for Red Sox reliever Ramon Ramirez.

Official: Giants acquire RHP Ramon Ramirez from BOS for Dan Turpen.

The 28 year old Ramirez was once dealt straight up for Coco Crisp, but his stock has come down, and in 2010 he's been part of an inconsistent Red Sox bullpen. He has a good 92-94mph fastball and a slider that's hard on righties, but his contact rate is trending in the wrong direction, and his command has never been great. With the Giants, he'll join Javier Lopez as a new addition to a bullpen that's gotten better, but still isn't amazing.

Dan Turpen is a righty reliever who turns 24 in three weeks. He keeps the ball down to get grounders and features a decent slider, but he's future middle relief.

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