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Joe Johnson Opts To Stay In Atlanta, Signs Max Deal With Hawks

What was expected has now been confirmed: Joe Johnson, who has been with the Atlanta Hawks since 2005, has accepted the team's maximum offer.

This offer keeps the 29-year-old Johnson in Atlanta for six years. Undoubtedly happy news for head coach Larry Drew, who took over the reins in June.

But are the Hawks done? Our Hawks blog, Peachtree Hoops, had this to say about Johnson's signing before it was official:

While the Johnson signing is a bold move the situation calls for another bold move. The Boston Celtics acquired Ray Allen and then completed another bold move by trading for Kevin Garnett. They thrust themselves into luxury tax land for the chance to win a championship which they did. This Hawks team can't make one bold move just to bring back the same team that fizzled out in the second round of the playoffs last year. Rick Sund can't believe that his summer is over now. In fact it is just started. This can't be it. We can't sign this year's Joe Smith to round out the roster and say we will just break through to the Finals with a new coach.

If ownership and management really believes that then Joe Johnson is the least of this franchise's problems.