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Tonight, An Historic Event: The Royals On National Television

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On Sunday night at 8:00 Eastern, ESPN will broadcast the Royals-Angels game. Kansas City Royals regular-season games are nationally broadcast so seldom that... well, I can't find the last time it happened. It hasn't happened yet this season, (not counting MLB Network, which a lot of cable subscribers don't get). It apparently did not happen in 2009. Fox, at least, did not broadcast the Royals in 2008.


The Royals and Angels don't exactly share a heated rivalry, so I'll take a stab at what ESPN was thinking here: "Eeesh... I haven't broadcast the Royals in years? I guess I'd better. I'll just show them on July 4th, when everyone is busy doing other stuff anyway. Oh, and are they playing an away game? Good, good. I ain't stayin' in Kansas City. I think all my camping stuff is in my parents' attic somewhere."


(Disclaimer: not hating on the Royals here. I'm merely a longtime, long-distance, long-suffering Kansas City sports fan.)