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Seantrel Henderson May Spurn USC, Opt for Miami

Seantrel Henderson is a highly touted blue chip offensive line recruit of the 2010 class and current USC commit. Commit, in his case, is a very loosely employed term: Henderson waited until well after signing day to sign his Letter of Intent, and even then many watching the situation assumed if USC was hit with hefty sanctions by the NCAA that Henderson would be one of the first to request a release from his obligations with the Trojans.

But that wasn’t going to happen, and then it did, and even after at least two visits to Minnesota by the USC coaching staff Henderson seems bound for somewhere not hindered by a a bowl ban and three years of scholarship restrictions.

That somewhere looks to be Miami, where Henderson spent the holiday weekend with his family. If Henderson wants to be released from his LOI, USC would have to grant that release, but any appeals to the NCAA should USC refuse may hinge on Henderson being told by Kiffin that no NCAA sanctions were forthcoming in the Reggie Bush case.

Whatever the case, the Minnesota native has gone from one coast to the other. If you learn nothing else from this, it is that Seantrel Henderson wants to be as far from the state of Minnesota as is geographically possible without leaving the United States. Why the University of Hawaii didn’t throw their hat in, we’ll never know.