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Report: LeBron's Decision Not Expected Until Thursday (At The Earliest)

LeBron James is an NBA free agent and he might leave his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.


What, you knew that already? You've heard that somewhere?


Of course you've heard.

LeBron James has a handful of NBA franchises in the palm of his hand, to say nothing of the sports media and millions of fans hanging on his every word. LeBron James is all anyone can think or talk about, and it's going to be that way as long as he remains a free agent on the open market.

Depending on your mood at the given time, it's either an excruciating instance of oversaturation, or a fascinating glimpse at a superstar with the power to shift the balance of power in an entire league. So how much longer can be love and/or hate this ordeal? Brian Windhorst, the media's preeminent LeBron James resource, reports:

Sources say LeBron plans to wait until after his three day Nike camp in Akron to announce his [free agency] decision. The camp ends Wednesday night.

So Thursday, then? That means he's announcing Thursday? Can we get a ballpark estimate on what time, Thursday? Is LeBron a morning person, or will announce closer to dinner time? Where will he announce? Will it be televised? Who will report it?

...Isn't this so much fun?!?

As for actual LeBron related news, the New York Knicks held a second meeting with LeBron James' agent, apparently to discuss the exact parameters of their salary cap situation in the wake of their max contract offer to Amare Stoudemire. The fun never stops!