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Tour de France 2010: Lance Armstrong Crashes In Monday's Stage 2

As we mentioned already, Monday's Stage 2 in the Tour de France was wild and chaotic, as rainy conditions led to another series of crashes on the roads of Belgium. One such wreck not only took out riders, but also affected one of Versus' cameras that was out on the course, meaning for period of time, the announcers were left with only a helicopter shot to try and determine which riders had been involved. Which led to the announcers fully admitting that everything was total chaos.

Now that the stage is complete and those involved are able to asses the damage, we know that at least one of of the GC riders, Lance Armstrong, was involved. Because he tweeted it, of course.

What a day...crashes everywhere and I don't use the term "everywhere" lightly. Most of the GC guys hit the ground myself included.less than a minute ago via UberTwitter

Got some good "road rash" on the hip and elbow. Bike mangled, cleat on the shoe completely cracked in two. Hope it's dry tomorrow.less than a minute ago via UberTwitter


I imagine Armstrong speaks for all the riders when he hopes for drier conditions on Tuesday, especially since tomorrow's Stage 3 features the ever dangerous cobblestones.