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University Of Georgia President Makes AD Damon Evans' Resignation Official

According to the Associated Press, University of Georgia president Michael Adams made an official announcement regarding the future athletic director Damon Evans in the wake of last week's DUI arrest. The announcement? Evans is officially resigning, as was widely rumored over the past few days.

Following a conference call with the school's executive committee, Adams made the brief announcement to the media, but refused to comment further until at least Tuesday.

The buyout for Evans' contract remains a point of speculation, but according SB Nation Atlanta, Evans will be paid his salary for the next three months, and then receive a $100 thousand severance fee.

All told, it's a fairly small severance fee for an athletic director at a school of Georgia's magnitude, and it speaks to Evans' profound lack of leverage here. So, a lesson to all the kids out there that want to grow up to be ADs at major college programs: Don't drink and drive, and if you do, don't do it with a mistress in the passenger seat and her panties in your lap. There are some things in life that just defy explanation.