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Jessica Simpson Is Dating Eric Johnson, Retired 49ers Tight End

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You know how Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson was sort of a reality check a few years ago? Like, his evolution from plucky underdog to superstar QB wasn't totally complete until Jessica entered the equation. At that point, he was like, I'm Tony Romo, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and I can date one of the hottest chicks on the planet.

And the rest of us were like, "Damn, Tony Romo's dating one of the hottest chicks on the planet. I guess he's a superstar now." Really. She was such a gigantic superstar, it even rubbed off on Romo a little bit.


Now, Jessica Simpson is wearing mom jeans and according to TMZ, she's dating Eric Johnson, a retired blocking tight end from the San Francisco 49ers. As TMZ put it, she's found a "real tight-end."

But hold on a second. If dating Simpson was once a reality check for Tony Romo, what kind of reality check is it for Jessica to go from dating Tony Romo to dating Eric Johnson?


I mean yeah, Eric Johnson went to Yale and once caught two touchdowns in a season, but...


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