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Andy Pettitte Replaces Injured Clay Buchholz On American League Roster

New York Yankee Andy Pettitte is making his third All-Star appearance and first since 2001, because Boston Red Sox picther Clay Buchholz was placed on the fifteen day disabled list because of a slight hamstring tear.  Pettitte was next in line to become an All-Star and would have been anyways because of manager Joe Girardi's decision to choose C.C. Sabathia who would have been ineligible to play in the game due to some new rules regarding a pitchers last start prior to the game.

There is no real controversy over Pettitte being named an All-Star since he has the stats:

Pettitte is 10-2 with a 2.82 ERA in 16 starts for the Yankees, but he was bypassed in Sunday's selection process for the All-Star Game, something manager Joe Girardi executed by design.

CC Sabathia was named to the All-Star team, but is scheduled to pitch on Sunday against the Mariners in Seattle, which would make him ineligible to pitch in the Midsummer Classic.

Girardi used two of his choices on Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez, planning to replace Sabathia with Pettitte. But this way, he had the move made for him, and it was an easy call given Pettitte's strong first half.

A sneaky way to get your guy into the game while a very deserving Jered Weaver who is from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim where the game is being played is sitting at home.