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Suns Blog: Stoudamire And D'Antoni Deserve One Another

Suns fans have the right to be upset now that Amar’e Stoudemire has left them to sign with the Knicks. But Phoenix blog Bright Side of the Sun doesn’t hate Stoudemire for leaving, the money was just too good. But what about the situation? For a guy who says his number one priority, was leaving the Suns for the Knicks the best move?

Amare has long said that winning was the number one priority, so his choice of new team is the Knicks, where they haven’t won anything since before Mike D’Antoni could grow hair on his lip. The Knicks are the worst possible choice if “winning” is what matters. They have one decent player on their roster and no two-time MVP point guard to get Stoudemire the ball.

Amare, of course, will say all the right things and he thinks he can probably help lure LeBron James, but that’s monkey pucky. If Amare wanted to land LeBron in NY, he would talk to LeBron first and make an agreement (free agents can’t tamper with each other) and they would walk down Broadway together arm in arm.

Now, maybe he will get lucky and LeBron will decide to go with him, but that seems highly unlikely.

I don’t wish Amare bad, but he is very likely in for a long few years of losing and it will only take about 2 months of playing mediocre basketball for the NY media to turn on the entire lot of them.

Don’t say they didn’t warn you, Amar’e.