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NBA Free Agency: Carmelo Serious About Re-Signing With Nuggets

For a while there, it seemed like Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets were miles apart on a contract negotiation. said of a potential contract extension. A month ago, Melo said “We’ll go to the table and see what’s the best situation for me.” Well I guess they found it. Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post reports that a league source believes Carmelo Anthony is serious about signing the extension the Nuggets have offered.

Of course, Melo wants something else besides money. He wants help.

Of the Nuggets, he said, “We have pieces,” adding that he would be happy with the addition of “one or two more pieces that’ll work out.” The Nuggets’ nucleus is all under contract for next season.

Asked if the current Nuggets roster can win a championship, Anthony said: “Obviously it didn’t happen this year. They definitely need to add something, definitely.”

Keep an eye on SBNation Denver and Denver Stiffs for updates.