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Decision Delayed By Dissention In Team The LeBron Ranks?

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Things have gotten very quiet on the LeBron James Sweepstakes front. He recently met with the Knicks but otherwise the meetings are done. With the decision up in the air, everyone is looking for any kind of news on which way Team LBJ is leaning. The problem might just be that those around LeBron are leaning…but in different directions. So says Plain Dealer’s Cavs beat writer Brian Windhorst.

Based on several people who have talked to LeBron in last 72 hours, he is giving impression he’s undecided after last week’s meetings.

He really likes Rose & Noah. But there’s lack if shooters on roster. Also it doesn’t sound like he’s exactly being welcomed by Rose.

Also, can confirm several reports of a rift between Wes Wesley & James camp. Wes was indeed pushing Chicago, I’m told.

And so we wait, just like we’ve been doing.