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Seantrel Henderson Wavering On His Commitment To USC

Top offensive line recruit Seantrel Henderson waited over a month to sign his letter of intent when he was assured by head coach Lane Kiffin that the NCAA sanctions were nothing and USC would be just fine.  Well, not exactly as USC is on probation with a two year bowl and they lose 30 scholarships over the next three years, and that is not sitting well with young Seantrel who is now looking to get out of his commitment with a possible landing spot in Miami.

USC is now in the mode of having to re-recruit Henderson as they have made multiple trips to Minnesota when he did not show up for freshman orientation.  However, the slick talking Lane Kiffin is confident that Henderson will be a Trojan this fall:

On Thursday, Coach Lane Kiffin described how USC was having to "basically re-recruit" Henderson but expressed confidence the player would eventually join the Trojans.

"Sometimes I think I know his main concern and then it seems to change the next day," Kiffin said. "Every other freshman has got here when they were supposed to and is sticking with it."

NCAA rules require players to sit out a season if they are not released by the school that signed them. Last year, with controversy swirling about its basketball program, USC granted releases to three basketball recruits.

There is a chance that Henderson may not have to sit out a year, because Kiffin assured there would be no penalties and that could be used in his waiver which could make Henderson eligible to transfer without the mandated year on the sidelines.