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Rumors Of Cliff Lee Trade To Minnesota Swirling Around Internet

Late Monday night a rumor hit Twitter that a trade sending Cliff Lee to Minnesota was a "done deal." Evidently, the rumor began with a tweet sent by Mark Anderson, a reporter with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Anderson sent a tweet to John Fay, a reporter with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Here's Anderson's tweet:

@johnfayman Detroit radio saying deal between Cliff Lee and Twins a done deal.

So, a reporter based in Las Vegas told a reporter based in Cincinnati about something he heard in or from Detroit, about a deal between teams in Seattle and Minnesota. Got all that?

Anderson's tweet is less than an hour old, but in that time it has been re-tweeted 34 times, and thanks to that and additional second-hand discussion, the rumor has made its way around the baseball yakking community. A Minnesota TV station is denying that a deal has been made:

#Twins source denies any deal is done for Seattle pitcher Cliff Lee. Twitter rumblings had a Detroit radio station saying it's a done deal.

However, if you want to believe that something is afoot, you could read into that tweet that merely nothing is done, right now. If you believe Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, that is exactly what's going on. Heyman reports late tonight that discussions are ongoing between Seattle and Minnesota. According to Heyman's source, the talks are "interesting" and "have possibilities."

Stay tuned. Maybe.