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Animosity Between Chris Johnson, Titans May Be 'Beginning To Thaw'

RB Chris Johnson hasn't reported to the Titans offseason in protest of his desire for a new contract. He skipped the voluntary work early and most recently mandatory minicamp.

Many think that he's willing to hold out into training camp, and he may be, but NFL Network's Michael Lombardi thinks the situation will work out sooner rather than later.

The animosity between RB Chris Johnson and the Titans is beginning to thaw. Lombardi believes a long-term deal will be done by the time training camp starts later this month.

This would be a big surprise. The Titans really have no reason to redo his deal considering he has three years left. Johnson has publicly voiced his frustration so that can't please the Titans either.

It's possible that the Titans are considering a band-aid of sorts giving him a big pay raise in 2010 and then waiting until the labor situation is figured out before doing a more substantial long-term deal. Of course, any pay raise in 2010 is subject to the 30 percent rule so the money may have to come in the form of a bonus.