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Varying Opinions On Wes Welker's Availability In Week One

The last guess on Wes Welker's return from an ACL injury was that he would start the season on the PUP list making him inactive for the first six games of the season.

The latest guess, according to the Boston Globe, is that it could be a "probability" that he's back by week one.

After that? Well, a Week 1 return from Welker is certainly a possibility (if not a probability), and there is precedent for that kind of speedy return. That’s not to say anything should be assumed, just that the nature of his injury and history of those returning from him give indications that it wouldn’t be stunning at all to see him playing against Cincinnati. The bigger question may revolve around how effective he can be early on.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has been silent on the matter except to say that he is "coming along" with injury rehab.

With the varying opinions out there, the only thing we can be assured of at this point is that the Patriots likely won't be making a decision until the last possible moment.