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LeBron James Joins Twitter; Unlikely To Tweet Free Agency Decision

LeBron James is finally on Twitter. Actually, let's clarify that: LeBron James -- or someone on his PR team -- has signed up for an account on Twitter. There have yet to be any tweets coming from @KingJames, which Darren Rovell confirmed is indeed the real LeBron. Or someone from his PR team.


The account is up to 29,000+ followers as of this writing, and counting. Counting very, very quickly, as you might imagine. The tweet-less account picked up about 6,000 followers from 1-1:30 p.m. EDT today. If we calculate that out, it means @KingJames will have 126,000 followers by the end of today. Don't be surprised if it's more than that, regardless of whether or not LeBron (or someone from his PR team) ever actually tweets anything.


As for the obvious speculation here -- will LeBron announce his decision via Twitter? -- Cleveland Plain-Dealer's Brian Windhorst says it isn't happening.