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World Cup 2010, Netherlands Vs. Uruguay: First Chance Goes High For Dirk Kuyt

The match's first chance, albeit a half one, came to Dirk Kuyt in the third minute,  when a poor punch from Uruguyan goalkeeper Fernando Muslera gave the left winger a chance in the left side of the penalty box.

Arjen Robben broke through Martín Cáceres on the right side of attack but could only put an attempted cross off a defender.  The blocked ball came out to Wesley Sneijder who lofted a cross to the middle of the Uruguayan penalty area.  Muslera came early for a punch that was awkwardly hit to the left side of the box.  Kuyt was there for a half-volley back at the disorganized goalkeeper, though his shot went over the bar.

Uruguay and the Netherlands remain scoreless in the seventh minute.