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World Cup 2010, Netherlands Vs. Uruguay: Disorganized Uruguay Defense Almost Yields Second Chance

In the tenth minute, Dirk Kuyt and the Dutch made their way through the right side of the Uruguayn defense, eventually playing an inquisitive cross from the left flank.  Left back Martín Cáceres read the cross well but misplayed the cross, lofting a ball  toward the touch line, forcing center half Mauricio Victorino to go to the by line an play a ball back in lest Uruguay conceded a corner kick.

Victorino's headed ball found Kuyt, and with the Dutch not having to worry about offside (for Victorino's position), Kuyt nearly found Arjen Robben making a run at the near post.  Center half Diego Godin won the aerial challenge, killing the Dutch threat.

Now in the 13th minute, the match remains scoreless.