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World Cup 2010, Netherlands Vs. Uruguay: Martin Caceres Snuffs-Out Arjen Robben Chance

Left back Martin Caceres has had an up-and-down World Cup 2010 debut, but most of his ups have been in defense, as was the case in the 32nd minute when a strong play from the Uruguayan helped prevent a goal scoring chance for Arjen Robben.

The Dutch right wing, in the middle of the pitch (as the Dutch have spent most of the half attacking down the left flank) was the recipient of a Robin van Persie pass that allowed him to turn today the near post for a shot.  His first touch put the ball too far in front of him, allowing Cáceres to get  between ball and man at 12 yards out, allowing Fernando Muslera to come collect the ball.

Uruguay still trails the Dutch 1-0 in the 36th minute.