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World Cup 2010, Netherlands Vs. Uruguay: Controversial Goal From Wesley Sneijder Gives Dutch 2-1 Lead

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Robin Van Persie, in an offside position nine yards from goal, did not touch Wesley Sneijder's shot, but having waved a foot at the passing ball, the Dutch forward may have frozen goalkeeper Fernando Muslera long enough to let the soft shot get past the goalie and onto the far post, going in to give the Netherlands a 2-1 lead in the 70th minute.

Sneijder put a shot toward net from 17 yards out to the left of goal.  The ball deflected off a Uruguay defender, losing it's momentum while headed for t he goal's far corner.  Robin van Persie, barely in an offside position, waved his foot at the bouncing ball but missed it; however, Fernando Muslera's weight seemed to be on his right foot, frozen by the action instead of moving for the shot.

Sneijder's ball bounced past the goalie and into goal, giving the Dutch a 2-1 lead.