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Georgia Safety Jordan Love Arrested For About The Dumbest Reason Ever

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The police force at the august University of Georgia, never known for being the understanding sort, has another feather in its cap today after some stray fireworks and a reluctance to divulge his middle name led to the Monday arrest of Bulldogs safety Jordan Love:

Love, 19, was charged with misdemeanor obstruction, but he did not willingly try to deceive the officer, who was investigating a complaint that men were shooting off fireworks in the courtyard of McWhorter Hall, Williamson said.

“Mr. Love gave his first and last name, but he said he didn’t know his middle name, then said he kind of knew it, but didn’t know how to spell it,” Williamson said.

And the streets of Athens breathe a little bit freer today knowing only three-named folk tread their cobblestones. Artful, yes, but as the arresting parties involved are currently attempting to right the situation, when it comes to wacky UGA-themed police run-ins, this doesn't even crack the top three. (That honor remains, for the record, with the nefarious "passing on the right in a moped" incident, the notorious "emerging illegally from an alley" incident, and this little number.) Better luck next time, Love.