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ESPN Not Allowed To Sell Advertising On LeBron Announcement Special

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ESPN got a major coup when they landed the right to broadcast LeBron James’ official announcement on Thursday. However the World Wide Leader had to agree to some fairly specific restrictions in order to do it.

First, ESPN does not know what the decision will be and won’t know before hand. The location also has not been released, but something tells me it will be in Bristol, CT where ESPN is located.

Secondly, ESPN is NOT allowed to sell advertising for the 1-hour Primetime event. Instead, LeBron’s marketing company – LRMR I suppose – can sell sponsorships with all proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Brian Windhorst is reporting that Bristol will not be the location, nor will any of the other cities that James might end up (or stay).

The plot thickens. Or doesn’t, depending on whether or not you care.