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Jake Peavy Injured, Leaves Start Against Angels

Bad news for the White Sox. Jake Peavy came in with a 3.52 ERA since the beginning of May, with 69 strikeouts and 13 walks. However, in a start against the Angels on Tuesday night, he had to depart early, prompting the following tweets:

Peavy is hurt.
Peavy is done.
Not good. He was walking off the field before trainers could even get to him. Looks like the shoulder.
Jake Peavy doesn't tap out of games like that unless something is very wrong.

Peavy has been dealing with soreness and fluid in his shoulder for some time now, but had been fighting through it. Should he have to miss a significant amount of time, look for the White Sox to turn to 23 year old righty Daniel Hudson, who has a 3.47 ERA and 10.4 K/9 in AAA.

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