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Best Of The SB Nation Network: July 6, 2010

We have nearly 250 fantastic sports blogs in SB Nation, so in case you didn't have a chance to read them all today we've collected the best stuff right here. Get sports smart in no time fast!


- Crawfish Boxes wonders if the Astros would be better off with Carlos Lee on the bench.

- Objective analysis may be slowly gaining a foothold in mainstream baseball coverage, but that hasn't stopped certain broadcasters from belittling it. SB Nation Mets blog Amazin' Avenue defends the nerds.

- The MLB All-Star Game is next week and Gaslamp Ball takes a look back at some recent Padres ASG performances.

- The Dodgers held Blogger Night at Dodger Stadium on Monday night and True Blue LA was there and has returned with the details.

College Sports

- Dawg Sports is all over the Damon Evans story and throws its support behind Greg McGarity as its preferred candidate for Georgia's now-vacant AD position. The community is also reverting to well-established coping mechanisms, taking solace in more positive memories and just plain making stuff up.

- Roll Bama Roll takes a long look at the controversy surrounding the Tide's claim to 13 national championships.

- A Sea of Blue, in asking whether Kentucky is being unfairly targeted by the NCAA, notes that it's natural for the NCAA to be focused on the Wildcats "[b]ecause that's where the 5-stars are going.


- Bob Probert passed away yesterday. There are a lot of great stories coming out about his life, and this is another one.

- Nucks Misconduct is bored with the new name of the Canucks arena.


- One Chargers fan remembers Don Coryell via Bolts From The Blue.

- The Bills had trouble getting their picks signed and in camp last year, Buffalo Rumblings says they must avoid that again this year.

- Battle Red Blog presents a blueprint to improvement for the Texans, coming off their best season ever.

- Ho do the Jaguars improve? Eliminate the costly redzone turnovers that plagued them in 2009, reports Big Cat Country.


- Orlando Pinstripe Post is on-site for the Orlando Summer League action.

- Posting and Toasting celebrating the Knicks picking up free agent Amare Stoudemire.

- Welcome to Loud City is impressed with James Harden's Summer League performance.

Combat Sports

- Bloody Elbow rounds up the best of this weekend's coverage of UFC 116.