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Clippers Blog: Vinny Del Negro Is A Great Salesman, But Not Necessarily A Great Coach

Vinny Del Negro was certainly an odd choice by the Clippers as their next head coach, considering how much he was criticized during his two-year Bulls tenure. Many of those criticisms can be summed up by Fanhouse's Tom Ziller here, so I won't go into them. 

Considering all of those issues, it's worth wondering how Del Negro actually got this coaching job. SB Nation's Clippers blog Clips Nation has a theory: he's a great salesman.

It doesn't help his standing with me that he's now gotten two NBA coaching jobs (both times beating out poorDwane Casey) based at least partly on his presentation skills, his ability to SELL himself as a coach, as opposed to his ability to coach.  By all accounts, Casey was the favorite for both the Chicago job in 2008 and for the Clippers job when the formal interviews started, at which point Del Negro overtook him and won the position.  That's part of the process, to be certain.  But as a guy who's never been in sales, I have a certain disdain for the pitch.     

Of course, as Clips Nation also notes, being a good salesman can be a good thing when trying to get your players to play hard, which Del Negro clearly does well. That said, his tactics leave a lot to be desired.