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ESPN Releases Details About LeBron James Free Agency Special -- 'The Decision'

The LeBron James free agency special on ESPN Thursday night is officially happening, and it officially has a name — “The Decision”. DUN DUN DUN! It will air at 9 p.m. EDT, and yes, it’s going to be as overblown and ridiculous as you might imagine, starting with a special three-hour long SportsCenter leading up to “The Decision.”

More from a press release the Worldwide Leader put out on Wednesday:

ESPN’s Stuart Scott will host “The Decision,” and will be joined by ESPN NBA analysts Michael Wilbon and Jon Barry. Freelance reporter Jim Gray will conduct the first interview with James in which he announces his decision. Wilbon will also have an extensive interview with James.

ESPN’s 6 p.m. ET SportsCenter will expand to three hours leading into the hour-long “The Decision” at 9 p.m. Following “The Decision,” ESPN will televise an expanded SportsCenter from 10 p.m.-midnight (9 p.m. PT). SportsCenter’s coverage throughout the evening will provide news and information associated with the decision, an overview of the NBA free agency landscape, and a recap of the other sports news of the day.

And if you think we’re just being typical cynical blogger-types by calling this whole four-hour ordeal absurd, look at this image and then try not to despise this: