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Report: Chris Bosh Told Erik Spolestra Will Remain Heat Coach Next Season

For the last few months, there's been this lingering feeling that Pat Riley will ultimately fire Erik Spolestra and return as Miami's head coach once they make a big splash in free agency. This has been shot down by pretty much everyone, but it's not completely baseless, considering Riley basically did that to Stan Van Gundy five years ago. 

Either way, though, it's now been shot down again. According to Michael Wallace of the Miami Herald, Chris Bosh was told definitively that Spolestra will be his coach next season.

Bosh to Herald on Heat coach status: "That made that clear. Dwyane made that clear. Pat made it clear. Erik's the guy."    

Of course, Stan Van Gundy was "the guy" in the summer of 2005, but that didn't stop Riley from replacing him in the middle of the season. Still, we can at least cool it on the Riley rumors for now.