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What If There Are No Other Offers, Ilya Kovalchuk?

Regarding Ilya Kovalchuk, the fact that now six days have passed with no deal tells me that there hasn't been a deal simply because there's no acceptable offer. They're not "working out the details." They're not "clearing cap space." There's nothing. Nothing acceptable to Kovalchuk/Grossman.

Because otherwise, they would have accepted it. So all they can do now is wait until a face-saving deal comes their way. Whether that's a KHL deal, a deal from left field, or a tweaked version of either the Devils' or Kings' offers, it's obviously impossible to know. But as time goes on, the smoke dissipates and eventually even the press will see Grossman with the big fan and the smoke machine and they'll call it what it is.

Or, if Grossman is smart and/or lucky, he will wrap this up before people figure it out.

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