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World Cup 2010, Spain Vs. Germany: Early Shifts Show A Fluid Spanish Forrmation

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Through the first minutes of the match, Spain's swap of Pedro for Fernando Torres did little to change their formation; however, come the match's ninth minute, Spain can made a change that hinted the Spanish will be more flexible than  anticipated.

Come that time, Andres Iniesta was playing wide left, with Pedro having moved to the right of the formation, playing inside the right edge of the penalty area in what could morph into a two forward attack.

On the right flank, Sergio Ramos was providing the width, maintaining a high place in the formation while Sergio Busquets slide over from his midfield position to cover defensively.

The tweaks brought a quick chance for Spain, with Pedro feeding a through ball to David Villa that, read well by German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, was broken up before a shot could be taken.

The match remains scoreless into the 14th minute.