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Mariners Now Sending Out Own Cliff Lee Trade Proposals

Ken Rosenthal reports on what's becoming a trend for the Mariner front office:

Executives from two different clubs interested in Cliff Lee say that the Mariners are seeking a mammoth return for the ace left-hander following a report of a substantial offer from the Twins.

One of the execs, labeling the Mariners’ request a “crazy ask,” said the M’s proposal was in excess of the Twins’ offer, as reported by AOL Fanhouse – Triple A catcher Wilson Ramos and Single A outfielder Aaron Hicks.

The Mariners are apparently participating now, rather than simply taking calls to gauge interest. And as they've done before, such as with Jarrod Washburn a year ago, they're participating by sending out extremely pricey proposals. One might balk at such a venture, but then it's all a part of negotiation, and one would expect the Mariners' initial demands to be high.

The Twins still remain the favorites to land Lee, it would appear. The Rangers, however, might be the team with the most to gain.