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World Cup 2010, Spain Vs. Germany: First German Break Through Spain Defense Ends With Mesut Oezil Down In Penalty Area

Germany finally got a counter attack into the attacking third, using build-up through the right side aided by Miroslav Klose to spring Mesut Oezil behind the defense.  The movement ended with Ozil on the ground, sixteen yards from goal, appealing unsuccessfully for a penalty kick.

The play started when Spain lost a challenge in the midfield that caught Carles Puyol out of position.  Germany was able to move the ball into the vacated space for Mesut Özil, temporarily behind the defense until Sergei Ramos, from his right back position, caught up to the play.

Özil appeared to overrun the ball, a product of a poor first touch, and went to ground after he's slowed-up and got mixed-up with Ramos.

Spain was able to take the change of possession, move down the pitch and create a long-distance opportunity for Pedro, whose 24-yard shot was hit straight at Manuel Neuer.

After the exchange, which took place in stoppage time, halftime was whistled, the teams going to the locker room scoreless.