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World Cup 2010, Spain Vs. Germany: Spain Early Pressure Wanes In Scoreless First Half

Germany withstood twenty minutes of pressure from Spain before finding their comfort zone in the match, playing the European Champions equal through a scoreless first half.

During that time Spain was able to create the match's best chance, a cross for Carles Puyol who, from six yards out, put a header over the cross bar.

Germany's best opportunities have been more threats than chances: three near counters that were undone by poor touches and reads from central attacking midfielder Mesut Özil.  The best of these chances came in the 46th minute when the German attacker overran a ball that had beaten the Spain defense, allowing Sergio Ramos to break up the play, coming to the middle of the pitch from his right back position.

Spain has registered only two shots on goals while holding 62 percent of the possession, with their new starting -  Pedro Rodríguez, in for Fernando Torres - playing in multiple places across the width of the pitch.

Germany has generated only one shot on goal - a long-range attempt from Piotr Trochowksi.