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World Cup 2010, Spain Vs. Germany: Outstretched Manuel Neuer Keeps Match Scoreless

Pedro Rodríguez's 22-yard shot was saved by an outstretched Manuel Neuer, diving to the right, denying the match's best chance.  The rebound led to Andres Iniesta putting a ball through the six yard box, a pass that was barely missed at the far post by David Villa, with Germany barely escaping the sequence with the match even.

The sequence came as Spain had increasingly asserted more control of the second half, consistently generating shots from around the area, a chance from Villa moments before going wide of Neuer's left post.  Pedro's shot came after a lay-off away from the compacted Germany defense, with the right-footed shot darting for Neuer's lower-right hand corner.

The German `keeper's save keeps the match scoreless, now in the 63rd minute.