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World Cup 2010, Spain Vs. Germany: Carles Puyol Makes Amends For First Half, Give Spain 1-0 Lead

Carles Puyol has given Spain a 73rd minute lead over Germany, heading Xavi Hernández's corner kick in from 12 yards  out, his shot going between Manuel Neuer and the post-protecting Lukas Podolski.

Hernández's lofted corner looked to target Gerard Piqué near the penalty spot, but Carles Puyol, running onto the cross from outside the box, timed his approach perfectly, powerfully heading the ball to the right of goal.  Neuer only had time to stick out a left arm, but the shot was out-of-reach.  Spain was ahead, 1-0.

Puyol had failed to convert an easier header opportunity in the first half, going over the bar from six yards out at the end of another Hernández cross.

Spain now leads 1-0, the match having progressed into the 78th minute.