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Buffalo Sabres Add Veteran Muscle, Ink Rob Niedermayer

The Buffalo Sabres have imported experience by signing veteran Rob Niedermayer to a one-year deal which will earn him $1.15 million. A former Stanley Cup winner with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007, the 35-year-old's addition is a low risk for the Sabres at his price tag and he will surely influence some of the more youthful players.

Niedermayer represented the New Jersey Devils last year, recording ten goals and 12 assists in 71 games. Die By The Blade's Andy Boron isn't too excited about the acquisition, but at the same time, isn't bummed out either.

His stats are fairly pedestrian, as he's never been a huge points guy - his career high was 61 points all the way back in 1995-96. He can put in goals, having been a 20-goal scorer in the past, but usually settles in around 10-15. Niedermayer's strength comes from his toughness and leadership. He's a pretty big boy at 6-2, knows how to use his body, and will anchor one of Buffalo's bottom two lines, most likely the third with Gaustad centering the fourth - however, he's versatile enough to play either wing if necessary.