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USC Graciously Declines To Pursue Allegations Of Nonexistent Illegal Recruiting

Hey, internet, remember that thing, with USC's newest show pony Dillon Baxter allegedly being contacted by five schools for illegal recruiting purposes in the wake of the NCAA sanctions report against the Trojans? Remember how that was a big deal a month ago, with poachers circling the harpooned USC program, and then it all just sort of went away? That going away happened in large part because there wasn't any there there:

In the letter -- which was dated July 1 and seen by ESPN -- Garrett wrote that he spoke with Baxter and "he has now confirmed that he did not receive a call from your institution. Therefore, USC has no intention of pursuing this matter further.

The institution mentioned is Florida, and the other involved programs have received similar apologies. The question that remains is what actually happened, seeing as how it was reportedly Baxter's own words that got this whole ball of fish rolling, and Baxter's words that ceased hostilities. But the winner here, of course, is Fresno State's Pat Hill, whose program never had the wobbly knees to issue a denial in the first place, and who remains ice cold gangsta by any human standards.