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Attorney Says Vick Involved In Confrontation Briefly Before Birthday Shooting

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On Tuesday, investigators said that they had identified a suspect in the shooting that took place at Guadalajara restaurant in Virginia Beach the night Michael Vick was hosting a celebration for his 30th birthday. Vick, who previously had yet to be ruled out as a suspect in the case, was no longer said to be no longer considered as such by police.

A day later, however, Virginia Commonwealth's attorney Harvey L. Bryant has revealed that Vick was involved in a physical altercation at the club just minutes before shots were fired.

"The investigation shows he was not physically present when the shooting took place," said Bryant. "There were some confrontations between individuals and between groups and Michael Vick was involved in one of those confrontations."

"[It was] a confrontation that involved shouting, words passing, some bumping."

Vick had to be restrained by friends, Bryant said, who put Vick back in the limo, but he then got out to confront a person that Bryant will not identify.

The claim won't restore Vick to being a suspect in the case, but it shows how close the Eagles quarterback came to being involved in the shooting, were it not for the intervention of friends. Police have said that they know who likely pulled the trigger that night, but because uncooperative witnesses have made authorities unable to gather sufficient evidence, they will not pursue charges pending further developments.