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Tomlinson's Child Tragically Denied The Familial Prefix

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The union of LaDainian and LaTorsha Tomlinson has produced its first child, who was born earlier today. According to the immutable laws of genetics, of which I am an expert, this child should naturally bear the given name prefix of "La", much like his parents. Because that sort of thing is determined by genetics. Yes it is. Who's the expert here? Shut up.


However, in a development that flies in the face of everything we know of inherited traits, the kid's name is Daylen. And your best guess as to the gender.


In the extremely off chance that I am wrong about how baby names are determined, we are left to ponder why it is that LaDainian and LaTorsha didn't see fit to pass along their majestic La to their offspring. After all, LaDaylen is almost like LaDainian. The child will seem an outsider in its own home. It's good that L.T. can afford the therapy bills.