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Paul The Psychic Octopus Did Not Ask For These Powers

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You thought Germany was pissed yesterday at the thought they might lose a soccer match thanks to the prognostications of a psychic octopus? (That's before he turned out to be right, and a 1-0 defeat in the World Cup semis sent the German national team home, mind.)  Poor Paul the octopus is now receiving actual death threats from Argentinian hooligans, because he clearly affected the match in favor of a German side he intended to jettison in the very next round:

Paul faced the wrath of angry Argentinian supporters who have blamed the octopus for their World Cup exit and expressed a desire to eat him in an act of vengeance.

But Paul's keeper Oliver Walenciak remains confident that the octopus will continue performing his remarkable act for years to come from the safety of his tank in Oberhausen as opposed to the dinner table.

Yes, he shows remarkable poise for a cephalopod who has no idea what's actually happening outside his tank. Here's a grand idea, would-be hoodlums: How about instead of killing him, you make him live in a tiny glass box for the rest of his life and amuse loud tourists? Sound fair? (Although this does look intriguing.)


HT: FanHouse.